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Our Mission

Westcourt’s mission is to be the premier investment advisory firm to Canada’s smart money. We will act independently in providing institutional-quality investments to all of our valued clients, and act in their best interests at all times. We will adopt an alternative approach to asset allocation and investment manager selection with the goal of providing best-in-class advice and recommendations resulting in enhanced risk-adjusted returns.

Core Services

Westcourt’s primary services are in the areas of portfolio construction and investment manager selection. With a strong internal team providing world-class due diligence, Westcourt is able to provide its clients with institutional service in a boutique setting. Whether working with high-net-worth families or institutional clients, Westcourt provides clear, unbiased, and actionable advice.

Westcourt Advantage

Westcourt’s strongest advantage is our willingness to take an alternative approach to asset allocation in an unconstrained investment universe. With deep expertise and experience in due diligence across multiple asset classes and investment strategies, Westcourt’s team is able to provide critical guidance to our clients in their quest to achieve their investing objectives in a low interest rate environment.


Westcourt Capital Corporation is an independent, open architecture, client-focused investment advisory firm whose mission is to be the leading advisor to Canada’s smart money.

Since the firm’s inception in 2009, Westcourt has advised on the deployment of over $4 billion in assets.

Working with our high-net-worth and institutional clients, we specialize in the selection of suitable investment products and the construction of conservative, alternative investment portfolios designed to protect capital and provide attractive risk-adjusted returns in all market environments.

From a product selection point of view, we have a strong focus on the sourcing and due diligence of investment funds and investment strategies in the alternative space, with ‘alternative yield’ of particular interest to our clients.

From a portfolio construction point of view, the inclusion of alternative asset classes and investment strategies allows our clients to achieve their long-term objectives while still respecting their short-term cash-flow requirements.

Westcourt has no proprietary investment products and is therefore able to execute independently on its mandates.


Westcourt’s clients generally have investable assets exceeding $20 million. For some clients, Westcourt provides comprehensive advisory services, while other clients prefer our `a la carte investment solutions.


Westcourt provides unbiased due-diligence, portfolio construction, and consolidated reporting. Our primary focus is the construction of well-diversified investment portfolios designed to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns in all market environments. This involves extensive due diligence on investment strategies across all asset classes including private debt, private equity, real estate, hedge funds, equities, bonds, and special opportunities. Our robust process relies on the substantial experience and expertise of our team of qualified investment professionals.